Common Wildlife Near Houston

Houston is one of the biggest cities in the country, but that does not stop wildlife from coexisting with the humans that reside in the area. Many of the different species of animals found in Texas call Houston, Spring, and Katy home. Sometimes, these animals will move into your property and begin to call it home, too!

Squirrels are some of the most common wild animals found in Houston. While they usually do not cause many issues, squirrels can carry diseases so it is important to keep a safe distance when you come into contact with one. Squirrels can usually be left alone, unless they get into your home or business. If that occurs, then you should contact the team at Pest Arrest to assist with animal removal.

Raccoons are also common in the area. Despite their size, raccoons can get into many small areas and they could get stuck in an area you don’t want them. They will eat almost anything, and they are often attracted to food left in trash containers or outside. Since they can carry rabies, you should definitely give us a call if there is an unwanted raccoon on your property.

At Pest Arrest, we take pride in being able to handle a wide variety of the issues thrown at property owners in Texas. We can remove wild hogs, skunks, and many other types of wildlife. If you have an unwanted animal in your house, yard, or somewhere else on your property, then call Pest Arrest. Simply describe the issue and we will let you know if we can assist.

Prevent Wildlife From Returning

Once we help with your wildlife issue, our team can give you tips for preventing wildlife from returning. Sometimes this means repairing part of a structure, while other times it involves dealing with your garbage in a better manner. Regardless of the issue you face, we can help you consider the next steps to take in order to prevent future issues.

Contact Pest Arrest Today!

Are you dealing with squirrels, hogs, raccoons, wasps, ants, bed bugs, or termites? The team at Pest Arrest in Spring can assist with all of these issues! Contact us today to learn the next steps for removal or treatment. We pride ourselves on dealing with pests so that you can live in peace.