They Do it Right the First Time

I had “the big name company” in my area come out and show me a few spots where i had termites and the guy handed me a quote for an astronomical amount that included other things like bugs and ants (which I didn’t even have). I then called Pest Arrest because a realtor friend told me about them. The termite-sniffing dog came out and found the exact same spots that “the big name company” found and two more under my dek. Pest Arrest gave me a very reasonable quote and I liked that it’s a smaller company. I had trouble with “the big company” not taking care of ants at my old home and just keep coming out over and over but not really taking care of the problem. When I told this story to the Pest Arrest guy who came out (who happened to be the owner) he said “Ma’am, i can’t afford to keep coming out. I’m a small company, so I do it right the first time”. very pleased, and since my husband used to work with drug and bomb sniffing dogs, I know dogs really can pick up scents of most things and trust them over a human’s eyes any day.

Tiffany K. Spring, TX