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Pest Arrest understands that your home is your safe haven, your children’s stomping grounds, and an investment in the future. Some bugs can cause serious damage to your home, and others can carry and spread diseases to those in your home. Protecting this treasured space from unwanted bugs is key to both protecting your financial investment and keeping your family healthy and safe from stinging insects. Pest Arrest is your local leader in residential pest control services. While we specialize in termite and bed bug control, we are here to address any of your residential pest control concerns. Call us today for an initial inspection!

When providing home pest control services, Pest Arrest will first determine how to limit the reproduction and survival potential of each pest. Steps like removing sources of food, water, and shelter can go a long way in controlling pest populations. These steps, combined with chemical applications when necessary, will create a long-lasting, effective solution for your residential pest control needs.

Our highly-trained technicians offer a variety of unique services and treatment options based on the different needs of individual customers. Different treatment options take into account issues such as

  • The extent of infestation.
  • Where the pests are living in the home.
  • Where they are breeding.
  • Environmental factors in and around your home.
  • Our expert knowledge of the life cycles of different pests.

In most cases, Pest Arrest can solve your residential pest problem with just one initial interior inspection and treatment, followed by an exterior treatment visit. Most of our customers find exterior treatment extremely convenient, as the homeowner does not need to be home for this residential pest control service. If issues are present inside the home, we will provide quick and effective interior solutions and services.

At Pest Arrest, our residential pest control services are built on extensive knowledge, training, and years of experience. We are proud of our services and we guarantee our work. If any unwanted pests should return between your regular monthly services, we will come service your property at no additional charge. If you’re in the Houston, Katy, or Spring area and looking for reliable home pest control, contact Pest Arrest today!

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