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Magnolia, TX Pest Control

Effective Pest Solutions For Magnolia, TX

Named for the picturesque magnolia trees that the area is known for, this small southern Texas town has everything. Magnolia is located just off of the expressway, making travel to the greater Houston area a breeze, while it also offers a collection of local shops, restaurants, and great schools. The dry, warm, sometimes arid climate allows its residents to enjoy year-round outdoor activity and exploration. Unfortunately, these conditions are also prime for pests like snakes, scorpions, ants, and spiders, amongst many others. But don’t fear, there’s a solution.

With more than 30 years of experience, Pest Arrest is proud to offer residents of the greater Houston area top-notch, 100% guaranteed pest control services. We work with homeowners and businesses alike to keep pests at bay 365 days a year. When you choose Pest Arrest, you’re getting a team of expert, state-licensed technicians, a direct line to us 24/7, and an on-staff entomologist for the best professional service. Call us today for more information on keeping pests off of your property.

Home Pest Control In Magnolia, TX

Pests have no place in your home, and the damage they can cause to your property can be costly, overwhelming, and detrimental to your health.

What makes us truly different at Pest Arrest is our no-cost, no-obligation inspections, bed bug detection K9s, eco-friendly options that are less harsh on your landscaping, pets, and children, and detailed follow-up and support.

We work with homeowners to eradicate pests such as termites, mosquitoes, spiders, rodents, and more. Whether you have a current pest problem or you’re looking for routine inspections to proactively deter pests, we’ve got you covered.

Call Pest Arrest today to schedule your no-cost, no obligation of your home and say goodbye to pests with our home pest control service in Magnolia.

Commercial Pest Control In Magnolia, TX

At Pest Arrest, we know what it means to be a small business, so we appreciate that you can’t afford to have a pest problem in your facility. Whether you’re a school, nursing facility, restaurant, warehouse, hotel, or other type of business, we can work with you. Businesses like yours work with Pest Arrest because we offer:

  • Regularly scheduled pest management to keep you pest-free all year long.
  • Industry-specific solutions to your pest problems.
  • Quick and thorough inspections of your building.
  • An elite team of bed bug trained K9s.
  • Industry-specific regulation compliance.

We’ll work with you to find and execute the solution that fits your specific needs because we understand that no two issues are alike. At Pest Arrest, you will never be left in the lurch. Our commercial clients have easy access to our team of state licensed technicians and we guarantee our services within 30 days of treatment. Don’t let pests ruin your business. Call Pest Arrest today for your free inspection and assistance with all of your commercial pest problems in Magnolia.

What Brings Bed Bugs To Magnolia Properties?

Though measuring only ¼ of an inch, bed bugs are a pest that will feed off of you while you’re sleeping, leaving you with red, itchy welts as a result. In addition, they can cause allergies, insomnia, and anxiety. In order to prevent bed bugs from infesting your Magnolia home, it’s important to know what attracts them. Some of those factors include:

  • Secondhand furniture and appliances. If items have been kept unused in dirty places, such as storage units, for extended periods of time, they are more likely to attract bed bugs.
  • Travel. Bed bugs are parasitical hitchhikers, meaning that they find a host, latch on, and go for a ride. That said, you can bring bed bugs back from almost anywhere: movie theaters, public transportation, hotels, libraries, and more.
  • Warmth. It’s a popular myth that bed bugs are attracted to dirty places but what they’re actually looking for is warmth, which humans produce a lot of, especially at bedtime.

Call today to get started with our bed bug control service in Magnolia.

Four Mosquito Management Techniques For Magnolia Backyards

Mosquitoes are a tiny pest that is responsible for over one million deaths each year due to the viruses and diseases they spread, such as: Zika virus, West Nile virus, and Eastern equine encephalitis. They leave behind itchy, red bites that will leave you scratching all summer long. Here are a few tips for mitigating mosquitoes on your property:

  1. Remove any standing water. Not only do mosquitoes need a blood meal to lay their eggs, but they also need conditions that are conducive to their breeding process, which is why they seek areas of excess moisture. Spots like birdbaths, kiddie pools, grill and pool covers, and dog bowls should be emptied out regularly.
  2. Limit time outdoors. Mosquitoes are most active at dawn and dusk, so aim to spend less time outside around these times.
  3. Dress for it. If you’re looking to keep mosquitoes off of you, try opting for clothing that is long-sleeved, light in color, and loose-fitting.
  4. Use greenery. Plants like citronella and lemon eucalyptus have naturally-occurring properties that will repel mosquitoes and other pests that you don’t want on your property with the added benefit of looking and smelling pleasant.

The best defense against mosquitoes is a professional treatment plan. Whether you need a one-time treatment for a special event or want to protect your yard all season long, Pest Arrest has a mosquito control plan that's right for you.

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