When it comes to lawn fertilization, proper balance is crucial. Lawns flourish when they are properly fertilized, but it can be easy to fertilize too little or too much. Improper fertilization can make it easier for weeds and insects to invade your lawn, as well as decrease the health of your grass overall.

In order to ensure that your lawn gets the nutrients it needs to thrive, Pest Arrest has developed a fertilization schedule made specifically for grass growing in Katy, Spring, and the surrounding areas. Through our lawn fertilization services, we will give your grass the nutrients it needs when it needs them the most. We pride ourselves on making lawn care easier for our customers, and our fertilization schedule is one of the best ways we can do that.

Healthy grass looks much better than unhealthy grass. It is greener, thicker, and it makes a lawn stand out. Moreover, it will give less room to weeds, absorb water better, and keep out pests more efficiently than unhealthy grass. All of this will ultimately make it easier to maintain a good-looking lawn year after year.

Lawn Care Designed for Texas

In Texas, we often need to deal with extreme weather and environmental conditions. Whether it is due to high temperatures in the summer or extreme humidity, it can be difficult for a lawn to grow in Southwest Texas. Proper fertilization makes it easy for your lawn survive these harsh conditions.

Fertilization helps your lawn deal with stress, battle weeds, and continue to thrive regardless of what it happens to endure. Proper levels of nutrients assist your lawn in recovering from heavy foot traffic, infestations, and the wrong amounts of water. Just as you need food to be at your best, your grass needs fertilization to stay lush and vibrant.

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