Tips For College Students On Keeping Bed Bug Free

As prepared as a college student might be, most never consider bed bugs as part of college life. A recent survey conducted by the NPMA found that 47% of bed bug exterminators reported frequent exterminations at colleges and universities.

Where can bed bug infestations come from?

  • College dormitories/bedrooms/laundry areas
  • Recent travel/hotel stays
  • Classrooms particularly those with upholstered chairs/carpeting
  • Student lounges
  • Public transportation
  • Waiting rooms
  • Communal hangers/closetsv
  • Backpacks left on floors or near others
  • Used cardboard boxes
  • Hospital/clinic waiting areas
  • Second hand furniture
  • Second hand electronics
  • Second hand clothing
  • Second hand luggage
  • Items left behind by previous students
  • Once a bed bug infestation takes hold, it will easily spread from one dorm room to an entire floor in under a month – this also includes rooms on the floors above and below the infestation.
    How to Keep Yourself Bed Bug Free While at University
    – Ask your college rep or RA what bed bug infestation action plan is in place prior to your arrival. You want to know that they will know what to do in the event of a bed bug infestation.
    – Bed bugs love a hoarder. Don’t let piles sit and learn to maximize you space by minimizing clutter.
    – Spring for some caulk, seal gaps around switch plates, light sockets, pipes, sinks and walls. If you notice large cracks in walls or at the base of plumbing notify facilities immediately to have them sealed.
    – When entering your dorm room for the first time carefully inspect the mattress and the areas around the bed and bed hardware and furniture. Check to see if there are there any bloodstains on the mattress. Carefully inspect the perimeter around the bed and bed frame itself.
    – Buy white or light colored bedding so you will always have a visual alert. Bed bugs leave tale-tell stains.
    – Buy a superior quality bed bug mattress encasement.