bb-life-cycleSpring and surrounding areas has seen its share of bed bug infestations. This is partly due to people being exposed to bed bugs during travel and inadvertently bringing the pests back home with them.
Bed bugs, tiny, biting insects, make a home near their food source: human blood. Unfortunately, the mattress, box spring and bedroom carpet are prime locations for bed bugs to begin an infestation. Left untreated, the infestation will quickly spread to other living spaces, including connecting apartments or hotel rooms.

Heavy and repeated chemical use on bedroom furniture and carpeting is not ideal for a number of reasons. Fortunately, heat treatment is an effective alternative to chemicals for getting rid of bed bugs.
Heat treatment is considered to be the most effective method currently available for eliminating a bed bug infestation. Raising the interior temperature of a room and its walls to 125 °F or higher essentially kills bed bugs in any stage of the life cycle, including their eggs. The Greentech heater”s we use blow out hot air which thoroughly permeates the room, its contents and any crevices that could be harboring bed bugs. Since the units are portable, the entire household can be treated to ensure that the home will be free from bed bugs. Pest Arrest can generally take care of the infestation in one treatment. Similarly, this eco-friendly method does not require the use of toxins or other substances that may trigger allergic reactions or be otherwise harmful to young children and pets. Thus, it is the most effective, least destructive way to handle a bed bug infestation.