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Spring Property Owners' Ultimate Wasp Prevention Guide

June 15, 2021 - Wasps

People who love being outdoors will tell you that battling flying insects comes with the territory. They are persistent pests who won’t let up swarming around you during your walks in the park or picnics with the family. On the other hand, entrepreneurs in Spring can account that buzzing bugs may hamper business. Potential customers are likely to think twice about visiting your establishment if there’s a chance they could be stung.

Stinging insects are often classified as wasps. There are several species of wasps, each with unique characteristics and risks. If you take the time to learn more about the stinging insects in your area, you’ll discover how to keep them from becoming a problem on your property. You’ll also find out how Pest Arrest can help!

What Wasps Are Common In Spring And What Are The Dangers?

Paper wasps and yellow jackets are pretty prevalent in the region. Yellow blots decorate the 1 inch long brown bodies of paper wasps. Due to this and their black wings, they are often confused with bees. However, their elongated figures are slimmer and narrow. They are attracted to residential zones because of the abundance of greenery and sheltered spaces. Foundation voids, door frames, window sills, and roof eaves are all ideal places for nesting and indoor entry. Seeing a single paper wasp implies an infestation.

The technique paper wasps use to form their nests is part of what separates them from similar species. They use their saliva to bond pieces of plant material together. Once it dries, it’s thick and papery to where you can’t view the interiors. It will have the shape of an umbrella, which is why they are sometimes called “umbrella wasps.”

Yellow jackets are also mislabeled as bees because they have black and yellow coloring. Some are black and white though. Another difference is that they have less hair on their bodies, which are also more slender in comparison. While they are 0.39 to 0.62 of an inch long, their wings go past that. Insects, nectar, meat, and sugar are what draw yellow jackets to properties. When they create their nests, they will be at the ground level like on a sidewalk, deck, or tree base, for example. Make sure to check structural gaps too. In the event you see an aerial cocoon, there’s most certainly a problem.

Two additional facts about wasps are: 

  • They Balance The Ecosystem: Their feeding and pollination patterns contribute to environmental equilibrium.
  • They Have Powerful Stings: Pain, itching, warmth, and inflammation are standard symptoms. Intense allergic and bodily reactions may occur since wasps can attack many times in seconds. Medical attention could be required.  

How Can You Prevent Spring Wasps?

Stepping up your cleaning habits both inside and outside will certainly help deter wasps. You can’t delay tending to the lawn and exteriors; that is a crucial aspect of prevention. Do the following: 

  • Cut the grass and trim greenery regularly.
  • Fill ground holes and get rid of organic debris.
  • For gardens, use repellent plants like eucalyptus and citronella. 
  • Avoid over-planting greenery and make sure that it’s two feet from the property.
  • Wash gutters and vents out frequently. 
  • Use secure canisters for food and trash storage.
  • Don’t leave food on decks and patios. Keep them and the roof eaves neat. 
  • Patch up openings in foundations, doors, and windows. 
  • Contact Pest Arrest if you have issues with other insects that wasps eat that may draw them to your yard.

What Can Pest Arrest Do About Spring Wasps?

At Pest Arrest, we have industrial-grade pest control treatments for wasps that are safe for humans, domestic animals, and vegetation. Our skilled technicians will address both interior and exterior vulnerabilities that the wasps could exploit. This includes treatments for the structure of your home or business, the lawn, and any fence lines. A perimeter barrier will undoubtedly be put in place. When you call today, you’ll be offered a free inspection!

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