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How To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Rosenberg Home For Good

December 15, 2021 - Rodents

Rosenberg is in an ideal location to live; it is 30 miles from Houston and a short distance from the Gulf Coast. Because of its railroad, Rosenberg became a "Hub of the Gulf Coast" during the 40s and 50s. While this town continues to grow, it has not lost its roots and charm. One pest population that seems to know no bounds in the "growth" department is rodents. While Rosenberg residents might welcome visitors to stay for a lifetime, they certainly do not extend that invitation to rodents.

Here's A Quick Way To Identify Rodents In Rosenberg

The bad news about mice and rats is that they are comfortable living in your home; the good news is that you seldom have to battle both species simultaneously. Knowing your enemy is the first step in dealing with rodent infestations in and around your home.

Three rodents common in the Rosenberg area include:

  1. House mouse: This mouse has a dull gray coloration (sometimes light brown to dark gray) with a white underbelly. They have small black eyes and large ears. Their body is "rounded," and they have pointed noses. House mice range in size from 2½ inches to 3¾ inches long; their tails add another 2¾ to 4 inches to their length.
  2. Roof rats: Their fur is soft and smooth, with brown fur mixed with black spots. Their bellies range in color from white to gray to black. With slender and long bodies, the roof rat sports large eyes and ears, a pointed nose, and a scaly tail. It typically measures 16 inches (when you include body plus tail).
  3. Norway rat: Larger than a roof rat, the Norway rat has bristly brown fur and black hairs. Its belly can range from gray to off-white – even some yellow tones. They have a "bulky" body, a blunt nose, and small eyes and ears. They average anywhere from 7 to 9½ inches long; its hairless tail is shorter than its head and body combined.

Little-Known Dangers Of Having Rodents In Your Rosenberg Home

Rodents destroy homes, carry disease, and usher other pests into your home. While some might think rodents are cute and cuddly, there is nothing "cute" about the damages they can cause to your home and your person.

Five dangers rodents bring to your home include:

  1. Bringing in other pests like lice and fleas
  2. Food contamination
  3. Damages to electrical wires, insulation, and drywall
  4. Thirty-five different diseases
  5. Allergic reactions and asthma problems

Eight signs that you may have a rodent infestation include:

  1. Seeing rodents (dead or alive)
  2. Seeing droppings
  3. Finding gnaw marks
  4. Finding damaged goods
  5. Finding a nest
  6. Seeing greasy rub marks
  7. Damaged electrical wires
  8. Hearing noises in the attic or behind the walls

Five Reasons DIY Products Fail And Their Dangers

Do-it-yourself rodent treatments are famous for being useless; they even have the potential to make infestation problems bigger. It is best to use professionals to treat pest problems properly. 

Problems with over-the-counter purchases include:

  1. Placing baits and traps in attics and crawlspaces can prove dangerous
  2. Traps may be too small to be effective.
  3. Poisons, bombs, baits, and traps can be hazardous to humans and pets alike.
  4. Exposure to waste and urine can expose homeowners to disease.
  5. Money, time, and frustration may cost more than using professional assistance.

Who Else Wants The Best Rodent Protection In Rosenberg?

Handling rodent infestations on your own is never the best answer. Rodent infestations can get quickly out of hand without professional assistance. The most effective and safest way to rid yourself of rodents is with the pest professionals at Pest Arrest. Family-owned and operated since 1995, we offer fast and affordable services to remove pests from your home and put your family at ease. Call Pest Arrest today to schedule a free inspection.

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