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Help Me Keep Raccoons Out of My Rosenburg Yard

October 15, 2021 - Wildlife

If a Rosenburg home or business owner needs pest remediation, it’s usually because insects are running about. Otherwise, a rodent is causing problems. The case is often the same when it comes to preemptive services. Folks don’t think about raccoons or wildlife wreaking havoc, but they definitely can. These types of critters may tear up a building or personal effects. Moreover, they are sometimes prone to attacking humans. In the midst of an encounter, you may catch an illness.

Incidents with wildlife are inevitable if your land is close to a woody or grassy location or a body of water. Raccoons are one species that are common in the area. Many people believe they are innocent and can be approached, but their cuddly looks are deceiving. Learn more about these animals and how you can keep them away with help from Pest Arrest.

How Do Raccoons Behave? What Are the Dangers?

Raccoons have stout and chunky three-foot-long bodies; they weigh 15 to 40 pounds. They are covered with brown or black fur, and their tails have three dark rings on them. Circling their eyes is a black, mask-looking mark. These creatures seem hunchbacked because their front legs are shorter than those in the back.

To reiterate, raccoons are profuse around watery or wooded zones. If they run low on food, they will leave such settings for urban and residential spots. These pests have a reputation for ripping through garbage cans and flinging the items. They will also ruin greenery bearing fruit and nuts. Their diet partially consists of fellow critters, which contributes to environmental balance. Insects, mice, frogs, and rabbits are all examples of their targets. They will make dens under porches and in sheds, barns, and tree holes as they get settled. Should they get indoors, they’ll get cozy in chimneys, crawl spaces, and attics.

Signs of infestation are:

  • Seeing that trash cans and compost piles are knocked over
  • Finding destroyed gardens
  • Noticing that door and window screens are torn
  • Discovering that foundations, siding, shingles, wiring, and/or insulation are damaged 
  • Observing quantities of nested organic matter and/or paw prints
  • Hearing robust noises outside or scratching from inside walls

Aggressiveness is a tendency for raccoons, contrary to popular belief. When they feel defensive, they can be particularly hostile. Under no circumstances should you go near them. These pests are walking hubs for fleas and ticks, tularemia, rabies, tuberculosis, and histoplasmosis. Not every raccoon will have these conditions, but they could always be carriers. Both humans and domestic pets are at risk. Seek medical attention immediately if there’s an injury or indications of sickness.

How Can You Prevent Raccoons?

You must be detailed with your exterior care if you want to fend off raccoons. The necessary tasks can be tiresome, but diligence is paramount. Health and well-being are on the line for yourself, others, and any cherished animals:

  • Place gardens and greenery two feet away from the property.
  • Cut the grass and trim the plants regularly. Discard pieces of organic debris.
  • Use containers with airtight lids for trash storage. Sit them and your composts away from foundations.
  • Attach screens to all chimneys, vents, and windows.   
  • Contact Pest Arrest if you have critters that raccoons will consume.

What Can Pest Arrest Do About Raccoons?

Considering how hazardous it is to be in the proximity of raccoons, professional interventions are required to tackle these creatures. Besides, most shelf goods are limited in their effectiveness against infestations. They also can be harsh chemically. We at Pest Arrest have safe solutions for wildlife that are industrial-grade. Our Eco-Friendly Program (EFP) is cutting edge. Call today for a free inspection!

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