Spring has officially sprung, and if you’re like many homeowners in Spring, then you’re already tired of dealing with mosquitoes around your home. At Pest Arrest, we know how inconvenient and potentially dangerous it can be to have mosquitoes around your property, and in today’s post, we’ll provide you with a detailed guide to the benefits of In2Care, a revolutionary mosquito control method.

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What Is In2Care?

In2Care was designed to prevent the spread of deadly viruses that are commonly spread by mosquitoes. While insecticides are a common method of eliminating large numbers of mosquitoes, many species have actually become resistant to the chemicals used in insecticides, rendering them partially, or completely, ineffective. Unlike many of the chemical-based solutions available on today’s market, In2Care’s revolutionary system targets both adults and larvae with eco-friendly ingredients.

How Does It Work?

In2Care works by using mosquitoes to spread larvicide. The trap itself lures egg-laying mosquitoes inside, contaminating them with an eco-friendly larvicide and a harmless mosquito-specific fungus. The mosquito will then go back to their breeding grounds with the larvicide, contaminating each and every site they visit. This ensures that both large and small sites are completely eradicated, and it can also help to eliminate hard-to-find breeding grounds. The eco-friendly fungus will cause the carrier to die within a few days of contamination.

What Are the Benefits of In2Care?

  • Effortless: As we noted above, In2Care works by utilizing mosquitoes to deliver the larvicide directly to multiple breeding grounds. Gone are the days of hunting down breeding grounds around your property!
  • Pet- and Environment-Friendly: While many mosquito control methods utilize chemicals that are harmful to pets, other insects, and the environment as a whole, In2Care’s ingredients are designed to harm mosquitoes and mosquitoes alone. Both the EPA and WHO recommend In2Care as a safe and eco-friendly mosquito control method!
  • All-Day Protection: Chemicals and other forms of mosquito control need to be reapplied after short periods of time. In2Care, on the other hand, works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You’ll need to add new water to the trap every four weeks, but this task takes less than 10 minutes to complete!
  • Scientifically Validated: In2Care has been tested and studied by several independent bodies, including the EPA. Impressive results have been published in the Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association, Parasites and Vectors, and several other notable outlets. You can view the full list of publications on this page.

Effective and Affordable Mosquito Control in Spring and Katy

We hope that today’s post will inspire you to invest in our mosquito control program. Be sure to bookmark our blog page, as we’re always adding new pest control information that can help you keep your home or business safe.

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