Summer has finally made its way to the Spring and Katy areas, and that likely means that your yard maintenance routine is in full swing. Ensuring that your lawn is regularly mowed, adequately watered, and fertilized are sure to be a couple of top priorities as you strive for a beautiful, lush front and back yard. Unfortunately for many Texas residents, there are a few pesky bugs that can wreak havoc on your best laid plans.

Pest Arrest in Spring has been providing residents of southeast Texas with innovative pest control solutions for more than 21 years, and if you’ve noticed some troublesome pests in your yard, we can help you too! As your Top Rated Local® pest control company, we place customers first and pride ourselves on our services and treatment options. We understand that you take pride in your homes appearance, and maintaining a pest-free yard is important to you. If you’d like to schedule a free inspection, give us a call! In the meantime, read on to learn more about some of Texas’ most common yard pests.


In a prior article, we provided some helpful mosquito control tips. These irritating bugs don’t require much explanation because they can be so common in our warm, humid environment, and most people are familiar with the itchy sting of their bite. According to information provided by the Texas A&M Agricultural Department, there’s been 85 different species of mosquitoes identified in our great state. That’s a lot of mosquitoes! Thankfully, Pest Arrest offers our affordable mosquito control program with several treatment options. Contact a member of our team today to learn more!

Chinch Bugs

These troublesome pests can really have a negative impact on your lawn if allowed to go unchecked. If you’ve noticed sporadic patches of dying grass in your lawn that have a ring of dying yellow grass around them, you may have a chinch bug infestation. These pests are small, usually measuring less than 1/5 of an inch long, and are black in color. They have white wings that have black triangular markings on them. They are dormant during the winter, but as soon as warm weather comes around they can reproduce prolifically and cause damage to your yard very quickly. Contact a pest control professional quickly if you suspect these bugs have taken up residence in your lawn.


With more than 250 species identified in our state, these small pests supersede mosquitos in the number located in Texas. These tiny bugs are usually 1/8 of an inch long or smaller and are often found breeding in ornamental landscaping beds. In particular, they seem especially prevalent around chrysanthemums, but have also been known to hide out anywhere from trees to bushes. They can range in color from black to orange or even green, making them challenging to identify by the untrained eye. They reproduce quickly, and can also cause widespread damage to your landscaping by inhibiting plant growth and causing discoloration and deformation of fruit and leaves.


With almost 100 species in Texas, grubs, or grubworms, are another common pest that can thwart your plans for a luscious, green yard. These troublesome pests are the larval stage of the popular junebugs that come out in May to June. If you’ve noticed irregular, large patches of yellowing or dying grass in your grass, we recommend pulling back a small section of the turf. You’ll easily be able to determine if grubs are to blame as they are often located just beneath the root line of the grass since they feed on grass roots and other underground plant parts. Unlike the other pests we’ve mentioned, these guys are easily seen with the naked eye and do the most damage when they get to be 1/2 of an inch to an inch long.

Spider Mites

Have you ever noticed tiny, spider-like insects on your marigolds, junipers, fruit plants and trees? If so, you might also notice the leaves of your plants taking on a stippled or bronzed effect.These bugs are very tiny (usually less than 1/36 of an inch long) and can vary in color from red to orange or green. As their name implies, they have eight legs and frequently make protective, silky webs on the plants they’ve invaded. They are not hazardous to humans or pets, but can be very detrimental to your flowers and garden if not treated properly by a pest control expert. Contact Pest Arrest today for a free inspection if you are concerned about spider mites in your yard or garden!

We’ve mentioned only a few of the most common pests that plague Texas yards and frustrate homeowners. Those we didn’t touch on here include caterpillars, beetles, ants, fleas, and snails. If you’re tired of your hard yardwork going to waste because of yellow and brown spots or dying sections of grass, contact a pest control professional at Pest Arrest today to schedule your no-cost, no-obligation inspection. We are here to be your partner in maintaining the beauty of your home and yard!

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