If you’re like most folks, the thought of bugs is enough to make your skin crawl. No one really likes to think of their home being invaded by unwanted pests, and if you’ve ever had a pest infestation of any kind, you know just how challenging they can be to remedy. Pest Arrest in Spring has been helping homeowners eradicate pests for more than 20 years by providing reliable, professional, and efficient pest control services. We’re also passionate about educating our customers on every aspect of pest control, and that includes debunking many popular myths that are out there about some pests. Today, we will take a look at six common myths related to bed bugs and the truth behind them. Read on to learn more!

Only Dirty Homes Get Bed Bugs

This is likely the most common myth related to bed bugs and when people think of bed bugs, many picture a cluttered, unsanitary home crawling with the bugs. In truth, bed bugs are not limited to any certain domestic living condition, they are transported easily, and anyone can be cursed with a bed bug infestation in his or her home, clean or dirty.

Bed Bugs Only Live In Beds

Because of this troublesome pests name, many folks believe that bed bugs only live in beds. While a majority of bed bugs will hang out within five to 10 feet from where people sleep, they can be located near any place where people often lounge, such as couches and other furniture. They can even be located in the folds of curtains and behind baseboards!

Bed Bugs Only Come Out at Night

Bed bugs tend to be more active in the early morning and nighttime hours, however, they may be active at any time of the day. Bed bugs feed exclusively off of the blood. Because of this, they naturally sense warmth and carbon dioxide given off by living things and will actively work to seek out a food source, day or night.

Bed Bugs Spread Diseases

Upon discovering bed bugs in their home, many homeowners become concerned about the potential spread of disease by the little nuisances. The truth of the matter is that bed bugs are not known for spreading disease. More commonly, people suffer secondary infections from frequent scratching or otherwise disturbing the bite location.

If You Get Bit, You’ll Know It

Because adult bed bugs can be as big as an apple seed, many people assume that they will know if they are being bit by one. However, these bugs are designed for puncturing skin and feeding unnoticed. Their saliva has anesthetic and anticoagulant properties so they can bite, feed, and bite again without danger of being felt. For some, reactions to the bites can take five to 10 days to show up!

DIY Treatment for Bed Bugs is Easy

Even minor infestations can be a challenge to eradicate. Because not all stages of bed bugs are eliminated with spray pesticides, it is vital to call in the experts. Only highly-trained technicians, like those at Pest Arrest, have the knowledge and skills to properly locate all harborages and devise an appropriate, diverse treatment strategy to completely eradicate these pests.

If you suspect you have a bed bug infestation, or if you would like an inspection to confirm your property is free of any infestation, contact Pest Arrest today for a free inspection! We offer industry-leading bed bug inspection and treatment, including K9 detection services.

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