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Bed Bug Control In Spring, TX

Getting Bed Bugs Out Of Your Spring, Texas Home

If you’ve been waking up with bug bites or have seen signs of bed bugs in your house, you shouldn’t wait to see if the problem gets worse before doing something about it. Bed bugs are pests that can be tough to get rid of, and if you wait to confirm your suspicions only to find out they were correct, the infestation will have grown larger during that time.

Pest Arrest has been on the cutting edge of bed bug control for years. Our experts are constantly looking for new, effective, and eco-friendly options to eliminate these troublesome pests. If you think bed bugs might be in your house, contact us for a bed bug inspection using our specially trained bed bug detection dogs.

Our Bed Bug Control Process


As part of our passion for innovation, Pest Arrest is the first pest control company in Spring, Texas, with a K9 team of bed bug sniffing dogs. While a visual inspection performed by one of our pest management specialists can prove to be time and labor-intensive, our K9s can quickly and accurately sniff out the location of bed bugs in your home. In fact, certified bed bug detection dogs like those on our team can search an entire room in two to three minutes with 97% accuracy. They can also identify single bed bugs and eggs, allowing us to treat your infestation more effectively.


After our K9 team has identified your bed bug infestation, we’ll perform a steam treatment to eliminate it. Steam treatments are a convenient and eco-friendly way to eliminate bed bugs on mattresses, box springs, and other areas. 

We also offer a liquid treatment if requested, as well as mattress encasements for an additional fee. During our treatment, you must be out of your house for about seven hours. Before your treatment date, we’ll go over what you need to do before we treat, what time you must leave, and when you can return to your home.

Follow Up

Our steam treatments are highly effective at eliminating bed bugs in all stages of development. However, we’ll also leave monitoring devices in your house to ensure we have completely eliminated your infestation.

Bed Bug Control That Works

When you have a bed bug infestation, don’t take chances on treatment methods or pest control companies that may or may not get the job done. At Pest Arrest, we have the experience you need and the cutting-edge treatment options you want. With our hardworking K9 team helping us every step of the way, we can provide you with the effective bed bug control you need to make your home free of bed bugs. Contact us to request your bed bug detection dog inspection today.

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